čtvrtek 23. ledna 2014

You Can Pay With Bitcoins In Vegas Now

I promised you some positive news, so here they are. I'm sure that the guy who invented bitcoins and all those people mining them like year ago did not think that these days so many big companies will really use this currency. Now happened something even more amazing. You can now actually pay with bitcoins in Las Vegas. The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and also the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, which are in fact owned by the same owner, announced at Wednesday that they customers will be able to pay with BitPay, among many other payment options. I'm that big guys should really now take bitcoins serious. Bitcoins are here and they are not going to go anywhere and I'm sure goverments does not like that. We will see what steps they will do against them, but there is really not much you can actually do about something like bitcoins.

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