čtvrtek 23. ledna 2014

Things Are Getting Serious

Yes I said in the first post that this news page will try to focus on positive stuff, but some things are just so important that you cannot ignore them even they are not very positive and that is of course situation in Ukraine. Yesterday goverment there actually started to kill people and that is why Vitali Klitschko said this: ""When we talked about canceling the new laws that make each of us here a criminal, we heard that maybe this can be a point of negotiations. I will be with the people. If I have to fight, I will fight. If I have to go under bullets, I will. I will stand up for the people, because I want to live in a different country." I think now is really the time for prezident of Ukraine to think about what is good for hid nation and just for him and couple of his corrupted friends and servants of Russia.

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