čtvrtek 23. ledna 2014

Crazy Sochi Twin Toilet

This is really funny and also very crazy stuff. Winter Olympics is getting closer every day and that is really awesome. Hell, I can tell you that I'm really looking forward to that a lot! I link winter Olympics so much. In my opinion after world cup in football it is the best sport event on the planet. It is really weird because I do not like winter sports "that much", but somehow at winter Olympics even those sports that usually really not that entertaining are somehow awesomly awesome.
Well, this message is in fact not about any sport, but about crazy Russians. What the hell were they thinking when they have been building this double toilet?
I was thinking about it a lot and truth is that Putin really said there will be big security measuers so I guess there will be some guy from police or army sitting right next to you on the toilet and watching if you do not prepare some bomb or anything on the toilet.

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