čtvrtek 23. ledna 2014

Quentin Tarantino Betrayed By Actors

It is really sad story, but it actually happened. Tarantino had great script he handed over small group of actors, but some of them actually leaked the script. Quentin got so agry because of that (and I absolutely understand him) that he said he will not do that movie for now. That sucks, I'm sure the movie would be great.

Human Brain Is Able To Process Images In Just 13 Miliiseconds

That is really amazing speed, isn't it? You can be sure that no computer can work that fast. Neuroscientists from MIT have found that brains of humans can process really entire images that the eye sees for as little as just 13 milliseconds. In fact it is for the the first time in history of science that something like that has been proven.

No More Rabbit In Mandela's Ear

When I first read title of this news message I was really confused. What did I just read? There is rabbit in ear of Nelson Mandela? I was like, hell the guy is dead for some time, so how the hell he can have rabbit in his ear. I was also thinking that rabbit is just something too big to have in ear. The truth is of course somehow different. There really is rabbit in Nelson Mandelas, but not in his actual ear, but in ear of his statue. Why is it there? Well, it is something like signature of the creators. They wnated to make their signs on the pants of this statue, but it was not permited so they did this. Problem is that this is not permited also ,so the rabbit in Nelson's ear will not be for long time.

You Can Pay With Bitcoins In Vegas Now

I promised you some positive news, so here they are. I'm sure that the guy who invented bitcoins and all those people mining them like year ago did not think that these days so many big companies will really use this currency. Now happened something even more amazing. You can now actually pay with bitcoins in Las Vegas. The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and also the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, which are in fact owned by the same owner, announced at Wednesday that they customers will be able to pay with BitPay, among many other payment options. I'm that big guys should really now take bitcoins serious. Bitcoins are here and they are not going to go anywhere and I'm sure goverments does not like that. We will see what steps they will do against them, but there is really not much you can actually do about something like bitcoins.

Things Are Getting Serious

Yes I said in the first post that this news page will try to focus on positive stuff, but some things are just so important that you cannot ignore them even they are not very positive and that is of course situation in Ukraine. Yesterday goverment there actually started to kill people and that is why Vitali Klitschko said this: ""When we talked about canceling the new laws that make each of us here a criminal, we heard that maybe this can be a point of negotiations. I will be with the people. If I have to fight, I will fight. If I have to go under bullets, I will. I will stand up for the people, because I want to live in a different country." I think now is really the time for prezident of Ukraine to think about what is good for hid nation and just for him and couple of his corrupted friends and servants of Russia.

Justin Bieber Arrested For Drunk Drag Racing

This looks like one of those fake news title you see on facebook now and them about Justin Bieber or Rihanna or someone else who is famous these days. Well, this time it is different, because this time it is actually truth. This incident happened around 4 a.m. 23/1/2014 in the area of Pine Tree Drive and West 26th Street, in Miami. We got this info from Miami Beach Police spokesman Sgt. Bobby Hernandez. Check out the video for more information.

Putin Wins Homophobic Olympics

There are not many things Putin is good at, except creating fake videos how he is great in everything, but homophobia is something he is great in.

Crazy Sochi Twin Toilet

This is really funny and also very crazy stuff. Winter Olympics is getting closer every day and that is really awesome. Hell, I can tell you that I'm really looking forward to that a lot! I link winter Olympics so much. In my opinion after world cup in football it is the best sport event on the planet. It is really weird because I do not like winter sports "that much", but somehow at winter Olympics even those sports that usually really not that entertaining are somehow awesomly awesome.
Well, this message is in fact not about any sport, but about crazy Russians. What the hell were they thinking when they have been building this double toilet?
I was thinking about it a lot and truth is that Putin really said there will be big security measuers so I guess there will be some guy from police or army sitting right next to you on the toilet and watching if you do not prepare some bomb or anything on the toilet.

Best News Bloopers

As I mentione in the first post, we want to be news page that is somehow different and also positive. Well, what could be more positive than starting a day with good laugh, right? Check out this video where you can see some of the best news bloopers.

Welcome to One World Newz

Hello everyone and welcome to one world newz. I have always wanted to have news channel, but unfortunatellly that is something what is is simply not possible for "normal" person who does not have millions of dollars, so I have decided to build at least this page where you will find amazing news. I on the web like almost 24/7 so you can be sure that when something really important happens, you will find the info here. You can trust us that we are absolutely independent so here everything you will read is just solid truth. We like to inform about positive stuff, because that is something what average media usually does not cover too much, so one of our goals is to bring you as positive stuff as possible. So enjoy your stay here, bookmark us and of course come back often guys!